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Privacy Policy

Customer Privacy Policy – Updated 24th May 2018

The Basics

First, we want you to know that, as has always been the case, we only use your personal information for two purposes:

1. To help us provide the services or products you choose to purchase from us, answering queries, confirming bookings and the like

2. With your permission, and only for as long as you wish, we will also stay in touch to let you know what we’re up to (new related services & products, promotions, general Canoe2 news and gossip, usually via email). Every Newsletter/Marketing/Promotional email we send you will offer an easy “Unsubscribe” link, so you can stop these whenever you wish.

We will NEVER sell your personal information.

We will NEVER use your personal information to try and sell you anything that isn’t closely related to what you signed up for, falling into two categories:

1. Hire & Purchase of human-powered water-going craft from Canoe2, including hire of canoes, kayaks, pedalos and more, on river & lake, related overnight accommodation, canoe & kayak lessons, and sales of similar craft & accessories


2. The Boathouse Meeting Room, a room for hire overlooking the lake at Rushden Lakes, available for local community use, private functions, and corporate bookings.

Our email marketing database – Consent and Legitimate Interest

Under General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), there are a number of legal lawful basis’ for processing your data for purposes of email marketing. Your information within Canoe2 email marketing databases will be covered by either “Consent” or “Legitimate Interest”.

CONSENT – Those covered by “Consent” are those that have specifically consented via clear and robust “opt-in” systems.

LEGITIMATE INTEREST – Our customer database covered by “Legitimate Interest” is our list of customers that have actually used & paid for our canoe hire, and related services. Officially, the “Legitimate Interest” actually refers to Canoe2’s legitimate commercial interest in emailing you offers, information, news of Canoe2, and that this legitimate interest is not outweighed by any privacy issues. Since you have not only shown an interest, but have actually become a paying customer, we believe this to be the case. However, we also truly believe that our customers have a legitimate interest in the information we email out – ALWAYS relevant to services previously purchased, and ALWAYS including a clear and simple to use “opt-out” or “Unsubscribe” link


The only time we will share your personal information is to directly assist us in providing services/products you have booked or purchased. Here’s some examples (not exhaustive, but hopefully these are good examples of how your data is shared only to enhance your experience of Canoe2 and The Boathouse Meeting Room):

1. We might give your mobile number to the taxi driver picking you up at the end of your river canoe trip, so that she/he can give you a call to assist in pick-up.

2. If you book a multi-day “Comfy Camping” trip, we will share your booking confirmation with Carol & Dan at Indigo Camping, so that they know you’re coming. This booking confirmation will include your name, address, contact telephone and email address, as well as details of what you paid us for your trip (no payment card details of course, we don’t keep any record of that at all). This booking confirmation will likely also show the number of adults in your group, as well as the number & ages of any children.

3. This example of sharing customer personal information relates to canoe hire bookings, as well as Meeting Room hire bookings: There is a parking limit of 5 hours at our base location at Rushden Lakes, and we can arrange a free extension for Canoe2 & Meeting Room customers (to avoid excess parking fine). To enable this free extension we collect customer car registration number, make & model, and this information is supplied along with the customer’s name to Savills Management Company who manage Rushden Lakes and the parking.

4. To take credit/debit card payments over the phone, we share your card details with WorldPay in a secure (and memorably named) PCI DSS environment – that’s “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard”. Worldpay is the UK’s leading payment processor.

And, or course, if we are obliged to share customer’s personal information for legal reasons, we will do so


Any personal information you give us for orders/bookings is held securely on the secure Canoe2 computer network, secured from the outside world by a robust firewall, and internally secured being only available to those who need it to make sure we continue to offer a great service.

Printed copies of customer booking confirmation forms are always produced for use on the day of your trip (or meeting room booking) and they are then kept securely for accounting
purposes. Any other internal printed documents required from time to time are only kept as long as practically necessary before being destroyed.

Card payment details taken over the phone are input directly & immediately via our online Worldpay portal, meaning we keep absolutely no digital record of your card details. We NEVER write down your card payment details for later processing, and we must request that you NEVER email your credit/debit card details to us.

Printed merchant receipts for card payments taken in our shop, are destroyed (cross-shredded) at the end of the trading day, immediately after we’ve cashed up and balanced the tills.

Privacy Policy: Users of websites and – Updated 24th May 2018

Google Analytics, Adwords, Adchoices, and Cookies

We use Google Analytics to help us learn which parts of our websites are popular, so that we may improve and make them as useful as possible. Analytics also helps us learn how users find us, which in turn helps inform our marketing decisions.

Google Analytics works by using cookies to anonymously track your movements across websites.

When you first arrive at our website, you are asked whether you consent to the use of cookies. If you do not consent, cookies will not be used. If you do consent, by clicking the
“accept cookies” button you will then always have the option to change your mind by clicking the “remove cookies” button.

We also use Google Adwords for online advertising at the point of searching via search engine. Similarly, Adwords also has functionality to track cookies, and show you ads for Canoe2 on participating website pages, so that once you have visited the Canoe2 website you may then be shown re-marketing ads for Canoe2, in the hope that you might visit us again.

To a large extent, you can control what type of ads you are shown in this way, by clicking the “AdChoices” icon in the corner of these ads. You can add or delete subject areas you may or may not have an interest in, and often you can stop a particular ad from being shown to you again. See for more information.

Cookies can be easily deleted or disabled at any time through your browser’s preference menus so please refer to the instructions for your file management software to locate the file or directory that stores cookies. Further information on controlling cookies is available at Please be aware that if you do choose to disable cookies you may not be able to fully access certain areas of our Websites

Privacy Policy: Supplier & Partner Companies (or registered charities/organisations) – Updated 24th May 2018

We at Canoe2 are lucky enough to work with a wide range of incredibly professional, friendly, customer focused, reliable and fun companies, charities, and organisations that supply or partner with us along The Nene Valley.

And frankly, we’re so proud that we tend to shout their names from the roof-tops (metaphorically speaking of course, though, we do have a very special roof-top, that we probably should be shouting from – really!)

But, any private data or information is not shared, and is held on the Canoe2 computer network, secured from the outside world by a robust firewall, and internally secured being only available to the limited number of people that truly require access to ensure the smooth running of Canoe2.

Supplier bank details will be shared with Canoe2’s banking provider in order that supplier charges may be paid.

And of course, if we are obliged to share partner/supplier organisation’s information for legal or regulatory reasons, we will do so.

For more information or to talk to us about your data and us, please contact us at 01933 522223 or